Office vouchers

The office voucher, or pre-paid office package, is a convenient 10-use voucher that can be used in any of our business centers. Vouchers are ideal for customers making frequent use of serviced offices, even in different cities.
Scarica la brochure carnet ufficiCharacteristics:

  • 10 vouchers for 10 half-days or 10 vouchers for full days
  • pre-paid
  • €450.00 + VAT for 10 half-day vouchers
  • €800.00 + VAT for 10 full-day vouchers
  • no expiration date
  • can be used in different locations and at any time of the year
  • booking of offices by email
  • can be used at some locations even on Saturdays
  • single invoice issued at purchase
  • offer savings compared to single rentals
  • include guest welcoming at the business center
  • access to other services at promotional rates

Want to buy? Contact us toll on +39 059 89 72 11 or fill out the online application. It will soon be possible to purchase vouchers with a credit card.