Legal domiciliation in Italy

Legal domiciliation or registered office is a typical service requested of business centers to form a company in Italy or open a branch office in Italy. You can contact our business centers in your city of interest: Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Turin, Bologna, Palermo, Parma, etc.
Domiciliazione legaleThe street address of the business center of your choice may be used pro tempore by your company, inserted in the Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Association and communicated to the Chamber of Commerce, Revenue Office and to the Police when necessary.

At the business center you may receive not only business correspondence, but also registered letters, notifications, judicial notifications, and administrative and tax documents, since the legal domiciliation service includes postal domiciliation.

The business center provides you with a plaque with your company name and a file to store documents received. You can pick up personally, send a person you delegate or request the forwarding of each document.

The legal domiciliation service can be supplemented by the business center with the assignment of a personal telephone number so you can enjoy the benefits of a virtual office.

Legal domiciliation contracts have an average duration of 12 months and, in some cases, can be offered for 6 months.

See the list of sites that provide this service or fill out the quick contact form on the right of the page. Contact us at +39 059 89 72 11 for further information.