Day offices in Italy

Day office or temporary rental of a serviced office both refer to the rental of a fully equipped office for a few hours (half day or full day). Office rentals is the most economical and flexible solution, as it enables you to use an office only for the time you need with access to a professional reception staff, a private and elegant workplace, the use of your own desk, chair, chairs, phone line, internet connectivity, and a sign on the door.

You can rent your office in one of the 70+ office locations and meet your customers, partners, or your sales network. Get a lot done while spending very little! If you are a highly-mobile entrepreneur, you can also take advantage of the convenient prepaid vouchers that ensure great prices and the option to book your office with a simple e-mail.


Each of our locations provides temporary office rental services. In cities where we have multiple centers – Turin, Milan, Genoa, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples and Catania – you can select your ideal location by consulting the interactive map. For example, you can book your day office in a local office or an office that is easily accessible from the airport or train station.

Each business center has a different image and a different price positioning. Request a custom quote by filling out the request form or calling + 39 059 89 72 11.