Open business center

With the many years of experience gained in direct management working in different cities, we at® can help you with targeted consultation that will enable you to open a Business Center. We can offer you consultation that enables you to:

  • rethink the space available and evaluate the earning capacity
  • prepare a sustainable business plan
  • evaluate and estimate typical costs and revenues
  • choose furniture and equipment that is balanced in terms of cost/convenience
  • choose the right software to monitor telephone traffic and the provision of secretarial services
  • define the price of services
  • devise and implement corporate communications
  • establish procedures for the provision of services
  • select the front office staff
  • train the front office staff including experience in other business centers
  • attend periodic network meetings.

The following photos show the creation of the Bracciano Business Center near Rome by our colleague Massimo Graziani. With our support a 700 m2 business center was created starting from an unused space.

You can click on and enlarge the photos in the gallery. You can also see how an existing space in Brescia was converted, establishing a business center from a building devoted to other activities.


The business centers have become a mix of services available to professionals and businesses that, in just a few months, opened and benefited from the visibility offered by the network.

If you want to evaluate the opportunity to establish a business center or need our support, you can call from Monday to Friday from 8.45 am until 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am t0 6 pm toll free from Italy on 800 090 130 or +39 059 897211, or fill out the contact form.

Over the past two years the number of business centers or office centers has grown exponentially in Italy, but despite this, the number of structures is lower than other European countries like England and Spain. In Italy we are witnessing a “peculiar phenomenon”, property owners with available space are increasingly approaching the world of the temporary rental of offices by dividing and renting the unused space to increase income.

A business center, however, is not “just” renting offices or meeting rooms, but rather it is a service center at the service of professionals and business people. It is important to offer customers functional serviced offices, but it is equally important to provide services such as:

  • telephone answering
  • mail management
  • visitor welcoming.

For this reason, the business model must be the right mix of hospitality and services typical of the hotel/apartment hotel sector and property management.