Meeting room vouchers

These pre-paid vouchers enable customers to rent our meeting rooms in different offices in Italy under exceptional conditions. Two packages are available:

  • 5 vouchers for 5 half days for €400.00 + VAT
  • 5 vouchers for 5 full days for €575.00 + VAT

Carnet prepagato sale riunioniThe meeting rooms available have capacities ranging from 6 to 12 seats. Both types of vouchers can be used in the same business center or in different centers whether located in the same city or in other areas of the country. Similar for the office vouchers, both full and half day meeting room vouchers:

  • are pre-paid
  • have no expiration date
  • can be used in different business centers
  • can be booked by email
  • can be used at some locations even on Saturdays
  • involve a single invoice issued at purchase
  • offer savings compared to single rentals
  • include guest welcoming at the business center
  • provide the opportunity to rent ancillary equipment at affordable prices

Customers may choose the meeting room voucher solution when the number of people to accommodate is greater than 4 or 5 and a regular office is too small, or when circumstances require the use of a meeting room. During the booking process, customers can inquire about the availability of the following items:

  • flip charts or whiteboard
  • internet connection
  • video projector
  • coffee break areas or equipment.

Buy now by email or call +39 059 89 72 11. We will be happy to provide further information.