Show room in Italy

The meeting rooms, in addition to being perfect for training sessions, business meetings and conferences are also ideal locations for temporary exhibitions, showrooms and even as a set for commercials and video shoots.

The latter require spacious rooms and adequate space at the premises where they are set because the privacy and tranquility of the other clients in the business center with temporary offices must still be ensured.

The photo gallery below shows some offices in Florence, Prato, and Modena where exhibitions and showrooms of clothing and gadgets were held. In the outdoor areas, close to the business centers, exhibitions of exclusive cars have also been set up. The Prato location was also the setting for a film and live television transmissions.

Other venues able to host events of this type are in Cagliari, Catania,  Conversano, Naples, Rome, Pescara, Parma, Brescia, Milan, Turin and Genoa.

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