Meeting rooms in Italy

In our business centers you can rent more than 160 meeting rooms of various sizes, capacities and layouts. Each center has at least one small meeting room with a capacity not less than 8 seats. Meeting rooms can be used by both serviced office clients or occasional users.
As a serviced office client, meeting rooms are perfect for extended meetings, meetings and training sessions with your work group, presentations of projects and progress reports, business meetings, exhibitions and showrooms.

The elegant and private rooms enable customers to host clients in the business center where they work normally, but not directly in their office.

Customers who do not rent an office can still rent the meeting rooms occasionally taking advantage of advantageous and economical prepaid vouchers. In some business centers customers can rent rooms with auditorium-style seating for up to 130 people, rooms with a horseshoe layout particularly suitable for training, and computer rooms.

The rooms have internet access, flip charts or whiteboards and, upon request, it is possible to use video projectors or plasma screens. Coffee breaks and sandwich lunches for an enjoyable break round out the services available.

Consult the forms for each location where you will find the number of rooms and the maximum capacity available. For further information call on + 39 059 89 72 11 or fill out the quick contact form on the right of the screen.