How to join

Do you have a business center in Italy or abroad or would you like to open one? We at® can help you become an entrepreneur in the business center industry.
We are a group of professional managers of business centers with years of experience that established this commercial network in 2005.
If you already have a business center and want more visibility, you can contact us toll free on 800 090 130 from Italy or +39059897211, or send us an email by filling out the guided form, enclosing some photos of the interior and exterior of the building and a plan of the layout of the premises.

We will contact you for an initial telephone conversation which may be followed by an inspection by the manager of the business center nearest you to evaluate the image of your center and to prepare a brief report.

With® and you will have visibility on the web both through this site (online since 2005) and through and You also can consult and contribute to the development of the first blog for the sector, and gain the valuable support of experienced colleagues. The network offers you:

  • assistance and support in management issues related to the center
  • legal and postal domiciliation contracts
  • contacts with potential customers interested in your services
  • contacts with customers who already use the services of the network
  • training and opportunities to encounter and engage with managers of other centers
  • benefits from advertising campaigns on the internet, print media, and e-mailings to profiled contacts
  • the opportunity to meet other colleagues who do the same job in networking meetings.

The short video below is an excerpt of the network meeting held in Trento at Aries & Partners Business Solutions. In the video you can see several fellow managers of business centers. For us, teamwork and relationships between colleagues are critical to the success of the network.

If you are considering launching a business center, converting your premises or renting them and then joining the network please go to open a business center.