Domiciliation Italy

Given our geographic diversity, professionalism and strong image, our business centers are the ideal choice for the domiciliation of your business in Italy.
It is important, however, to distinguish between the different domiciliation services to choose the best service given your needs.

  • postal domiciliation or business address – perfect if you need a street address for the sole purpose of a local address –
  • legal domiciliation – the registered office of limited or joint stock companies and cooperatives to be established or are already existing –
  • professional domiciliation – domiciliation for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, auditors, engineers –
  • self-employed domiciliation – domiciliation for a company founded by an individual to undertake an economic activity –
  • local unit

For support or further information please fill out the contact form or call on +39 059 89 72 11.

The postal and professional domiciliation services are provided in all our office locations, small and large, and the local unit and legal domiciliation services are provided in most of our locations. Please use the search function on the left side of the home page to see which locations offer the desired service.