Disaster recovery in Italy

Disaster Recovery space office

The term “disaster recovery” refers to acting with the utmost efficiency to protect your interests when facing any extraordinary events that may affect your business such as:

  • temporary or long-term blocks that prevent access to your office
  • damage to facilities caused by inclement weather or fire
  • interruption of internet connectivity or energy that can last for days

The events requiring an immediate office space solution such can also be associated with positive situations that occur in a very short time:

  • activation of a support/consultancy office near the site of a client in Italy
  • award of tender offsite
  • start-up of a short-term consulting project in a different city

It is necessary to ensure the continuity of your work or the immediate provision of a service to avoid costs and penalties that all contracts have.

We at Ufficiarredati.it® can provide you with immediately functional offices and ensure the expedient activation of multiple workstations – even in open spaces and meeting rooms. The availability of multiple locations in some cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Catania, Naples, Genoa, and Verona gives you the ability to provide workspaces for yourself and your colleagues, immediately.

For details regarding the service please call us on +39 059 89 72 11 to provide us with the specifics and to evaluate all possible solutions.